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General Notes

Gradle Script Kotlin v0.3.1 significantly improves code assistance performance in IDEA (check out samples/ for instructions on installing the latest development version of the Kotlin plugin).

The features in this release are also available for immediate use within the latest Gradle Script Kotlin distribution nightly. To use it, upgrade your Gradle wrapper in the following fashion:

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-distribution-url

Updates since v0.3.0

  • Upgrade to Kotlin 1.1-dev-2053 (#108). The embedded Kotlin compiler was upgraded to a recent development version greatly improving the performance of code assistance within IDEA when used together with a recent Kotlin plugin version.
  • Improved dependencies DSL (#107). It is now possible to configure all aspects of external module and project dependencies via a type-safe and IDE friendly DSL:
        dependencies {

            default(group = "org.gradle", name = "foo", version = "1.0") {
                isForce = true

            compile(group = "org.gradle", name = "bar") {
                exclude(module = "foo")

            runtime("org.gradle:baz:1.0-SNAPSHOT") {
                isChanging = true
                isTransitive = false

            testCompile(group = "junit", name = "junit")

            testRuntime(project(path = ":core")) {
                exclude(group = "org.gradle")
  • Navigation to sources of types defined in buildSrc (#104). It is now possible to navigate to the definitions of functions and types defined in buildSrc via the standard Goto Declaration shortcuts in IDEA.
  • Android sample (#83). A complete sample demonstrating how to take advantage of gradle-script-kotlin within an Android project is now available (our thanks to @tyvsmith!).