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General Notes

Gradle Script Kotlin v0.3.3 improves support for multi-project builds of Kotlin based projects and it is expected to be included in the upcoming Gradle 3.2 RC1.

The features in this release are also available for immediate use within the latest Gradle Script Kotlin distribution snapshot. To use it, upgrade your Gradle wrapper in the following fashion:

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-distribution-url 

Updates since v0.3.2

  • Improved support for multi-project builds (#137). Multi-project builds comprising two or more Kotlin based projects are now supported with the restriction that they must be compiled against the version of Kotlin shipped with gradle-script-kotlin. This restriction will be lifted in a future version, in the meantime please refer to the provided samples for the required settings: multi-kotlin-project and multi-kotlin-project-config-injection.
  • Build script compilation on Windows (#147). v0.3.2 introduced a bug that prevented many valid build scripts from compiling on Windows. This has been fixed on v0.3.3 and building on Windows is fully supported again.