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General Notes

Gradle Script Kotlin v0.4.0 brings further improvements for multi-project builds and it is expected to be included in the upcoming Gradle 3.2 RC1.

The features in this release are also available for immediate use within the latest Gradle Script Kotlin distribution snapshot. To use it, upgrade your Gradle wrapper in the following fashion:

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-distribution-url

Updates since v0.3.3

  • New gradleScriptKotlinApi() dependency notation (#118). To enable external and buildSrc Kotlin plugins to take advantage of the Gradle Script Kotlin extensions to the Gradle API.
  • Simplified ClassLoader hierarchy (#119). Which not only fixes many issues with certain combinations of plugins but improves performance as well.
  • Improved support for Kotlin based buildSrc (#139). The new sample demonstrates how to take advantage of Kotlin in buildSrc to write custom tasks and share custom build logic across projects in a multi-project build.