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coffeekup = require './coffeekup'
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
puts = console.log
{OptionParser} = require 'coffee-script/lib/optparse'
argv = process.argv[2..]
options = null
handle_error = (err) -> console.log err.stack if err
compile = (input_path, output_directory, js, namespace = 'templates') ->
fs.readFile input_path, 'utf-8', (err, contents) ->
handle_error err
name = path.basename input_path, path.extname(input_path)
if not js
output = coffeekup.render contents, options
ext = '.html'
func = coffeekup.compile contents, options
output = """
this.#{namespace} || (this.#{namespace} = {});
this.#{namespace}[#{JSON.stringify name}] = #{func};
ext = '.js'
write input_path, name, output, output_directory, ext
write = (input_path, name, contents, output_directory, ext) ->
filename = name + ext
dir = output_directory or path.dirname input_path
path.exists dir, (exists) ->
unless exists then fs.mkdirSync dir, 0777
output_path = path.join dir, filename
contents = ' ' if contents.length <= 0
fs.writeFile output_path, contents, (err) ->
handle_error err
puts contents if options.print
puts "Compiled #{input_path}" if
usage = '''
coffeekup [options] path/to/
switches = [
['-j', '--js', 'compile template to js function (template + embedded renderer)']
['-b', '--bare', 'use with -j to compile template to js (template only)' ]
['-c', '--core', 'use with -j to compile renderer to js (renderer only)' ]
['-n', '--namespace [name]', 'global object holding the templates (default: "templates")']
['-w', '--watch', 'watch templates for changes, and recompile']
['-o', '--output [dir]', 'set the directory for compiled html']
['-p', '--print', 'print the compiled html to stdout']
['-f', '--format', 'apply line breaks and indentation to html output']
['-u', '--utils', 'add helper locals (currently only "render")']
['-v', '--version', 'display CoffeeKup version']
['-h', '--help', 'display this help message']
@run = ->
parser = new OptionParser switches, usage
options = parser.parse argv
args = options.arguments
delete options.arguments
puts if or argv.length is 0
puts coffeekup.version if options.version
if options.utils
options.locals ?= {}
options.locals.render = (file) ->
contents = fs.readFileSync file, 'utf-8'
coffeekup.render contents, options
if args.length > 0
file = args[0]
fs.watchFile file, {persistent: true, interval: 500}, (curr, prev) ->
return if curr.size is prev.size and curr.mtime.getTime() is prev.mtime.getTime()
compile file, options.output, options.js, options.namespace
compile file, options.output, options.js, options.namespace
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