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A collection of Rails3 Templates

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Rails 3 Application Template

A rails 3 application template to set up authentication, testing, and template frameworks. The authentication system uses devise for the basic authentication support. The testing framework used is shoulda with factory girl and mocha support. HAML is used as the templating engine, with initial SASS support for the css. Formtastic is included for pretty forms support.

JQuery is used as the default javascript library.

The template also include gemset support for rvm.

Credit: This template is based off of Les Hill Template.

Using The Template

Assuming you have Rails 3 RC installed, you can run the following command.

rails new appname -m

And a new Rails 3 application will be built and placed in the directory given by appname. Follow the given steps, and you are ready to go.

Next Steps

After the initial template is created, you can run the following command from within your application directory:

rails g rails g bootstrap:setup ModelName

Where ModelName is the name you want to give to the user model in your system. For example, if you want to use Account model then use the following command:

rails g bootstrap:setup Account

If you want to use AdminUser, then you can use:

rails g bootstrap:setup AdminUser
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