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# This was template was borrowed from
# * create a new generator that gets downloaded into lib/generators, where we call after app is built
# and it sets up all the remaining dependencies, including setting up devise, and running tests.
# * setup up a default controller to handle root action (possibly create new account/signin)
# * look into setting up on heroku, staging and production environment
# * include Tim's SASS templates
# * create a public layout, and add more common elements to the layout such as flash messages.
# * might need to supply a FormBuilder, since Formtastic isn't Rails3 ready (but we should try using it first)
# * add files to .gitignore, must come before other git steps
# * Google Fonts???
# * Look at including
# Graeme Nelson, 2010
# If we are running rvm, lets create a new gemset based on
# the application name and gets set when ever we cd into
# the directory. This information is store in a .rvmrc
# file in the application root directory.
rvmrc = <<-RVMRC
rvm gemset use #{app_name}
create_file ".rvmrc", rvmrc
# Remove unnecessary files that rails creates for us.
remove_file "public/index.html"
remove_file "public/images/rails.png"
remove_file "public/javascripts"
empty_directory "public/javascripts"
create_file "public/javascripts/application.js"
# Let's setup our gems used in all environments
gem "haml", ">= 3.0.18"
gem "haml-rails"
gem "devise", ">= 1.1.3"
gem 'formtastic', ">= 1.1.0"
# Let's setup the gems we only need for testing
gem "shoulda", ">= 2.11.2", :group => :test
gem "factory_girl_rails", ">= 1.0.0", :group => :test
gem "mocha", ">= 0.9.8", :group => :test
# add cover_me to the test/test_helper.rb, if we add more things to the test_helper.rb
# we might want to consider overwriting the file since there isn't much in the default
# version.
# gsub_file("test/test_helper.rb", "require 'rails/test_help'", "require 'rails/test_help'\nrequire 'cover_me'")
# Let's get the generators we want from rails generator, factory_girl, shoulda
git :clone => "--depth 0 git://"
empty_directory "lib"
run "cp -r rails3-generators/lib/generators lib"
remove_file "rails3-generators"
generators_to_keep = %w(factory_girl formtastic helpers jquery shoulda)
Dir["lib/generators/*"].each do |file|
basename = File.basename(file, ".rb")
remove_file file unless generators_to_keep.include?( basename )
# Let's checkout the bootstrapping generator
git :clone => "--depth 0 git://"
run "cp -r rails3-template/bootstrap* lib/generators"
remove_file "rails3-template"
# let's get rid of any .git directory in the lib/generators
remove_dir "lib/generators/.git"
# setup the javascript
remove_file "public/javascripts/rails.js"
get "", "public/javascripts/jquery.js"
get "", "public/javascripts/jquery-ui.js"
get "", "public/javascripts/rails.js"
# Let's setup the generators.
# Template -- HAML
# Test Framework -- Shoulda & Mocha
# Fixtures -- Factory
generators = <<-GENERATORS
config.generators do |g|
g.template_engine :haml
g.test_framework :shoulda, :fixture => true, :views => false
g.fixture_replacement :factory_girl, :dir => "test/factories"
g.mock_with :mocha
# fallbacks
g.fallbacks[:shoulda] = :test_unit
# change the default javascript to use jquery, jquery-ui, and rails
config.action_view.javascript_expansions[:defaults] = %w(jquery jquery-ui rails)
application generators
# NOTE: need to add flash message partial, and also create a public view using the same layout
# And any other common view stuff add here.
layout = <<-LAYOUT
%title #{app_name.humanize}
= javascript_include_tag :defaults
= csrf_meta_tag
%body{ :id => controller_name, :class => action_name }
= yield
remove_file "app/views/layouts/application.html.erb"
create_file "app/views/layouts/application.html.haml", layout
create_file "app/views/layouts/public.html.haml", layout
# Setup our GIT settings.
create_file "log/.gitkeep"
create_file "tmp/.gitkeep"
# NOTE: need to look into staging environment with CI on Heroku, it would be nice to set this all up here.
git :init
git :add => "."
# Display the next steps.
# TODO: it would be nice if some of the steps could be included in this file, or
# have one generator that would be responsible for setting up all the other stuff.
# (maybe rails g composer:install) and just down load the generator into the lib/generator dir
docs = <<-DOCS
Run the following commands to complete the setup of #{app_name.humanize}:
% cd #{app_name}
% gem install bundler --version '>= 1.0.0'
% bundle install
% rails g bootstrap:setup <ModelName>
log docs