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Goldmark + KaTeX
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This is an extension for Goldmark that adds TeX rendering using KaTeX. It embeds QuickJS and QuickJS-compiled KaTeX bytecode.

The parser follows pandoc's rules for TeX in markdown. Right now, $ and $$ are the only supported delimiters. Also, only KaTeX's default configuration is supported.


goos: windows
goarch: amd64
BenchmarkSequencesAndSeries/NoKaTeX-4              12210            981796 ns/op          381171 B/op       1497 allocs/op
BenchmarkSequencesAndSeries/NoCache-4                 10        1069105530 ns/op         4900488 B/op       1563 allocs/op
BenchmarkSequencesAndSeries/Cache-4                 5041           2329294 ns/op         4443003 B/op       1545 allocs/op


import (
markdown := goldmark.New(

Also, godoc.


If you just want to build, gcc must be installed, and all you need to do is

go build

However, if you modify ./katex/katex.js, then you must recompile the JS source to bytecode with qjsc. qjsc can be compiled from source in ./katex/quickjs/. In addition, if these modifications change the way TeX is rendered then you need to regenerate the test cases. This requires pandoc to be installed. Run


to do all that, or look in the Makefile to see how to do it.


Goldmark, KaTeX, QuickJS.



MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019 Yusuke Inuzuka


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Khan Academy


QuickJS is released under the MIT license.

Unless otherwise specified, the QuickJS sources are copyright Fabrice
Bellard and Charlie Gordon.
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