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Groovydoc Gradle Plugin

This is an alternative Groovydoc plugin for Gradle that forks the JVM.

Instead of generating the docs in the same JVM as Gradle, which is prone to cause conflicts and place strain on the memory consumption of the Gradle process, this plugin will fork a separate JVM for Groovydoc generation.

Generally this plugin is a drop in replacement for the regular Groovydoc generator, with the only limitation being that Groovydoc links are not curently supported.

To use the plugin add the following to your buildscript classpath:

repositories {
    maven { url "" }
dependencies {
    classpath 'io.github.groovylang.groovydoc:groovydoc-gradle-plugin:1.0.1'

Then apply the plugin:

apply plugin:"io.github.groovylang.groovydoc"

You can also manually configure Groovydoc tasks using the org.groovy.lang.groovydoc.tasks.GroovydocTask class:

task groovydoc(type:GroovydocTask) {
    docTitle = "My Title"
    source = "src/main/groovy"
    destinationDir = "build/api"
    classpath = configurations.compile

If you wish to alter the memory requirements of the task you can do so using the maxHeapSize:

groovydoc.maxHeapSize = "512m"

Or by passing whatever JVM arguments you want using jvmArgs:

groovydoc.jvmArgs "-Xmx512m"

The GroovydocTask class extends Gradle's JavaExec class so only properties of that class including JVM arguments, classpath confifuration etc. can be configured as necessary.

Note that in order for the GroovydocTask to function Groovy itself needs to be on the classpath. If groovy-all is found on the classpath then the GroovydocTool from the groovy-all JAR is used, otherwise the GroovydocTool that this plugin depends on is used. If you only have the groovy on your classpath and want to use a different version of the GroovydocTool then you can configure an alternative version as follows:

configurations { documentation }
dependencies {
   documentation "org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-groovydoc:2.4.6"

groovydoc.classpath += configurations.documentation