Ansible role for grafana deployment
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grafana role for ansible.


  • Protected with nginx and http basic auth
  • Read-only access for data and read-write for dashboards
  • Many instances per server could be deployed
  • SSL ready, https is forced if enabled

Role Variables

  • grafana_owner basically nginx user, www-data by default
  • grafana_git_url git url for grafana, set to upstream by default
  • grafana_git_branch git branch to track, set to master by default
  • grafana_root_path path to clone grafana, /var/www/grafana by default
  • grafana_default_route default dashboard url, /dashboard/file/default.json by default
  • grafana_index grafana index to store dashboards, grafana-dash by default
  • grafana_elasticsearch_url elasticsearch url for nginx, by default
  • grafana_graphite_url graphite-web url for nginx, by default
  • grafana_nginx_config_name nginx config name, grafana.conf by default
  • grafana_nginx_config_path nginx configs dir, /etc/nginx/sites-enabled by default
  • grafana_nginx_listen nginx listen address, by default
  • grafana_nginx_server_name nginx server_name (hostname), by default
  • grafana_nginx_access_log path to nginx access_log, false by default
  • grafana_nginx_error_log path to nginx error_log, false by default
  • grafana_nginx_enable_ssl whether or not ssl should be enabled, false by default
  • grafana_nginx_ssl_cert_path nginx ssl certificate path, "" by default
  • grafana_nginx_ssl_key_path nginx ssl key path, "" by default
  • grafana_nginx_http_auth_file path to nginx http auth file, false by default

Minimal installation on ubuntu requires none of variables to be set, it will work on


It needs working nginx, elasticsearch and node.js to build grafana.



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