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This repo has the jsonnet for deploying and also the mixin for monitoring Cortex
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Jsonnet for Cortex

This repo has the jsonnet for deploying cortex and the related monitoring in Kubernetes.

To generate the YAMLs for deploying Cortex:

  1. Make sure you have tanka and jb installed:
$ go get -u
$ go get -u
  1. Initialise the application and download the cortex jsonnet lib.
$ tk init
  1. Install the cortex jsonnet.
$ jb install
$ cp vendor/ksonnet.beta.3/*.libsonnet lib
$ jb install
  1. Use the example monitoring.jsonnet.example:
$ mv vendor/cortex/cortex-manifests.jsonnet.example environments/default/main.jsonnet
  1. Check what is in the example:
$ cat environments/default/main.jsonnet
  1. Generate the YAML manifests:
$ tk show environments/default

To generate the dashboards and alerts for Cortex:

$ cd cortex-mixin
$ jb install
$ jsonnet -S alerts.jsonnet
$ jsonnet -J vendor -S dashboards.jsonnet
$ jsonnet -J vendor -S recording_rules.jsonnet
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