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Grafana is an open source, feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor for Graphite, Elasticsearch, OpenTSDB, Prometheus and InfluxDB.


Head to and download the latest release.

If you have any problems please read the troubleshooting guide.

Documentation & Support

Be sure to read the getting started guide and the other feature guides.

Run from master

If you want to build a package yourself, or contribute - Here is a guide for how to do that. You can always find the latest master builds here


  • Go 1.11
  • NodeJS LTS

Building the backend

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go run build.go setup
go run build.go build

Building frontend assets

For this you need nodejs (v.6+).

To build the assets, rebuild on file change, and serve them by Grafana's webserver (http://localhost:3000):

npm install -g yarn
yarn install --pure-lockfile
yarn watch

Build the assets, rebuild on file change with Hot Module Replacement (HMR), and serve them by webpack-dev-server (http://localhost:3333):

yarn start
# OR set a theme
env GRAFANA_THEME=light yarn start

Note: HMR for Angular is not supported. If you edit files in the Angular part of the app, the whole page will reload.

Run tests

yarn jest

Recompile backend on source change

To rebuild on source change.

go get
bra run

Open grafana in your browser (default: http://localhost:3000) and login with admin user (default: user/pass = admin/admin).

Building a docker image (on linux/amd64)

This builds a docker image from your local sources:

  1. Build the frontend go run build.go build-frontend
  2. Build the docker image make build-docker-dev

The resulting image will be tagged as grafana/grafana:dev

Dev config

Create a custom.ini in the conf directory to override default configuration options. You only need to add the options you want to override. Config files are applied in the order of:

  1. grafana.ini
  2. custom.ini

In your custom.ini uncomment (remove the leading ;) sign. And set app_mode = development.

Running tests


Execute all frontend tests

yarn test

Writing & watching frontend tests

  • Start watcher: yarn jest
  • Jest will run all test files that end with the name ".test.ts"


# Run Golang tests using sqlite3 as database (default)
go test ./pkg/...

# Run Golang tests using mysql as database - convenient to use /docker/blocks/mysql_tests
GRAFANA_TEST_DB=mysql go test ./pkg/...

# Run Golang tests using postgres as database - convenient to use /docker/blocks/postgres_tests
GRAFANA_TEST_DB=postgres go test ./pkg/...

Building custom docker image

You can build a custom image using Docker, which doesn't require installing any dependencies besides docker itself.

git clone
cd grafana
docker build -t grafana:dev .
docker run -d --name=grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana:dev

Open grafana in your browser (default: http://localhost:3000) and login with admin user (default: user/pass = admin/admin).


If you have any idea for an improvement or found a bug, do not hesitate to open an issue. And if you have time clone this repo and submit a pull request and help me make Grafana the kickass metrics & devops dashboard we all dream about!

Plugin development

Checkout the Plugin Development Guide and checkout the file for changes in Grafana that relate to plugin development.


Grafana is distributed under Apache 2.0 License.