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This repository contains a json file linking to all supported grafana plugins. To submit a plugin to be published on, add your plugin to the repo.json file below.

When submitting a plugin we need the following:

  • plugin id
  • type (panel|datasource|app)
  • version
  • git commit hash
  • url to github repo

Here is an example snippet:

    "id": "alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app",
    "type": "app",
    "url": "",
    "versions": [
        "version": "3.2.1",
        "commit": "ad6614eacd2b94eedbd0671b1d1a0f2002ade056",
        "url": ""

Developing a Plugin

The Developing Plugins section in Grafana docs contains several articles about plugins. Start with these:


Property Description
plugins An array of plugins hosted by grafana net
type What kind of plugin panel/datasource/app
url Link to the projects website.
version Available versions of the plugin. Linking to an github page and exact commit


Property Description
id uniqe name of the plugin. Should not contain whitespaces
type panel/datasource/app
name Human readable name of the plugin
info.description Description of plugin. Used for searching grafana net plugins
info.keywords plugin keywords. Used for search on grafana net
info.logos link to project logos
info.version project version of this commit. Must be semver
dependencies.grafanaVersion Required grafana backend version for this plugin
dependencies.plugins required plugins for this plugin.
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