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Plugin Development

This document is not meant as complete guide for developing plugins but more as a changelog for changes in Grafana that can impact plugin development. When ever you as plugin author encounter an issue with your plugin after upgrading Grafana please check here before creating an issue.


Changes in v4.6

This version of Grafana has big changes that will impact a limited set of plugins. We moved from systemjs to webpack for built-in plugins & everything internal. External plugins still use systemjs but now with a limited set of Grafana components they can import. Plugins can depend on libs like lodash & moment and internal components like before using the same import paths. However since everything in Grafana is no longer accessible, a few plugins could encounter issues when importing a Grafana dependency.

List of exposed components plugins can import/require

If you think we missed exposing a crucial lib or Grafana component let us know by opening an issue.

Deprecated components

The angular directive <spectrum-picker> is now deprecated (will still work for a version more) but we recommend plugin authors to upgrade to new <color-picker color="ctrl.color" onChange="ctrl.onSparklineColorChange"></color-picker>