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Roadmap (2018-08-07)

This roadmap is a tentative plan for the core development team. Things change constantly as PRs come in and priorities change. But it will give you an idea of our current vision and plan.

Short term (1-2 months)

  • PRs & Bugs
  • React Panel Support
  • React Query Editor Support
  • Metrics & Log Explore UI
  • Grafana UI library shared between grafana & plugins
  • Seperate visualization from panels
  • More reuse between Explore & dashboard
  • Explore logging support for more data sources

Mid term (2-4 months)

  • Drilldown links
  • Dashboards as code workflows
  • React migration
  • New panels

Long term (4 - 8 months)

  • Alerting improvements (silence, per series tracking, etc)

In a distant future far far away

  • Meta queries
  • Integrated light weight TSDB
  • Web socket & live data sources

Outside contributions

We know this is being worked on right now by contributors (and we hope to merge it when it's ready).