Feature request: Elasticsearch 5.x support #5740

nickcarenza opened this Issue Aug 5, 2016 · 10 comments


None yet

Opening issue to track progress and interest for ES 5.x support.

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Status of Elasticsearch 5.0.0 support #6238

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danielcb commented Nov 2, 2016

Is there any timeline for this yet? Days, weeks, months? Just wondering if running from sources for now is worth the effort. :)


@danielcb no timeline yet. Our current main focus is alerting and ux.

megakid commented Nov 2, 2016

I am in the same position @danielcb after our recent Elastic 5.0 upgrade - Sounds like running from sources is the way to go for now.


I compiled this from source as well for now.
B.t.w. i had to run "grunt build" after you ran "npm build" to get the js files merged into one big boot.js.. Otherwise the site would load like 3-4 times longer as ~100 js files get downloaded one by one.

Alerting does not seem to work for ES (datasource elasticsearch not supported).

ToddZhao commented Nov 7, 2016


defkev commented Nov 26, 2016


Currently the only thing holding me back from upgrading my deployments.

sachavuk commented Dec 7, 2016


Any news about this feature request ?


today i had the same problem.
Grafana team can you tell me, when are you plan fix this problem?
Thanks you a lot.
Today i migrated all data to ELK 5.0.2 from 2.3.4 and then after got next error:
"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "No search type for [count]"
"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "No search type for [count]"
"status": 400


The latest nightly (grafana-4.1.0-1481284081pre1.x86_64.rpm) seems to work fine with ElasticSearch 5.0 (5.0.1-1)

bergquist commented Dec 9, 2016 edited

Closed by #4970

Available as nightly builds at http://grafana.org/builds/

@bergquist bergquist closed this Dec 9, 2016
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