[Bug] Grafana in Mac OS X dying with no output #7199

JordiPolo opened this Issue Jan 10, 2017 · 0 comments


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Please include this information:

  • What Grafana version are you using?
$ grafana-server  -v
Version 4.0.1 (commit: unknown-dev)
  • What datasource are you using?
    None yet
  • What OS are you running grafana on?
    Mac OS El capitan
  • What did you do?
    brew install grafana
  • What was the expected result?
    A running webserver
  • What happened instead?
    the grafana-server process just finishes

Maybe is a configuration issue but grafana-server installed clean in a mac OS X will just finish.
It will be good if the default configuration file would make the grafana-server not finish and do something instead or would at least print out the problem.
As it is now as a new user, I have no idea of what's the issue

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