[Bug] New user logins to default Org instead of mapped in ldap.toml #7200

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We use LDAP auth with org mapping:
group_dn = "grafana_editor"
org_role = "Editor"
org_id = 3

After new user logins for the first time(thru LDAP) - current organization for him still "1" but he don't have a rights for default Org and that cause error "Org missing" in main menu(near user name and avatar).
Only after manual change of current organization to mapped in ldap value(id = 3) it works as expected.

Is there any ways to force set current Org for first time logged user same as mapped in ldap.toml?
Or (best way) to fist organization for which user have an access?

ver: grafana-3.1.1-1470047149

Ostaer commented Jan 17, 2017

I have pulzzed on this too,I have try to match wildcard,
group_dn = "*"
org_role = "Viewer"
org_id = 1

Now the new user will login with default org_id = 1,
but when I enable the group mapping functions, The role will be synced every time the user logs in, so it will over any changes in web GUI

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