Allow to show multiple tags with annotations with InfluxDB datasource #4550

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Fix the problem when using InfluxDB as backend that selecting multiple tags for annotations were not working.
influx multiple tags annotations

@adrianlzt adrianlzt Allow to show multiple tags with annotations with InfluxDB datasource
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isavcic commented Oct 19, 2016

Any info on whether and when this is going to be merged? Currently, the InfluxDB Annotations are of somewhat limited functionality because this is missing.

@adrianlzt can you please provide some details on how you've set up the Annotation when using this code (a screenshot would do)? Also, sorry for the off-topic question, but how did you add a link to the annotation? Thanks!

> select * from cpu
name: cpu
time            city    country text        title       value
1476973144203690596 madrid  spain   some text   the title   1

captura de pantalla de 2016-10-20 17-52-23
captura de pantalla de 2016-10-20 17-53-44

isavcic commented Oct 20, 2016

@adrianlzt amazing, thank you very much!

@bergquist bergquist self-assigned this Nov 1, 2016
var textCol = null;
_.each(series.columns, function(column, index) {
if (column === 'time') { timeCol = index; return; }
if (column === 'sequence_number') { return; }
if (!titleCol) { titleCol = index; }
if (column === self.annotation.titleColumn) { titleCol = index; return; }
- if (column === self.annotation.tagsColumn) { tagsCol = index; return; }
+ if (self.annotation.tagsColumn.includes(column)) { tagsCol.push(index); return; }
torkelo Dec 7, 2016 Member

includes seems like a very imprecise way to check here, tagsColumn should be split before so a property exact match can be made

@adrianlzt adrianlzt Better match for culumn inside tagsColumn
isavcic commented Dec 8, 2016

@adrianlzt can you also please tell me how does one create a link in the annotation pop-up? Thanks again for all the feedback.


Just insert html code in the text field:

<a href="">link</a>
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amotl commented Jan 16, 2017

This works perfectly, thanks! We just want to mention a minor thing: If one of the database fields which are designated for holding "tags" contains an empty value, a crippled badge is displayed, like that:


@amotl fixed in #7289

amotl commented Jan 18, 2017

That was quick, thanks!

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