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aocenas Security: Store datasource passwords encrypted in secureJsonData (#16175

* Store passwords in secureJsonData

* Revert unnecessary refactors

* Fix for nil jsonSecureData value

* Remove copied encryption code from migration

* Fix wrong field reference

* Remove migration and provisioning changes

* Use password getters in datasource proxy

* Refactor password handling in datasource configs

* Add provisioning warnings

* Update documentation

* Remove migration command, moved to separate PR

* Remove unused code

* Set the upgrade version

* Remove unused code

* Remove double reference
Latest commit 66f6e16 Apr 15, 2019
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bulk-dashboards Fix bulk-dashboards path (#12978) Aug 20, 2018
dev-dashboards More development dashboards (#16550) Apr 15, 2019
docker devenv: add elasticsearch v6 filebeat integration (#16493) Apr 11, 2019
e2e-api-tests moves files from /tests to more appropriate folders Sep 17, 2018
datasources.yaml Security: Store datasource passwords encrypted in secureJsonData (#16175 Apr 15, 2019 Remove option r from ln command since its not working everywhere Sep 25, 2018

This folder contains useful scripts and configuration for...

  • Configuring dev datasources in Grafana
  • Configuring dev & test scenarios dashboards.
  • Creating docker-compose file with DBs and fake data.

Dev dashboards and data sources


After restarting grafana server there should now be a number of datasources named gdev-<type> provisioned as well as a dashboard folder named gdev dashboards. This folder contains dashboard & panel features tests dashboards.

Dev dashboards

Please update these dashboards or make new ones as new panels & dashboards features are developed or new bugs are found. The dashboards are located in the devenv/dev-dashboards folder.

docker-compose with databases

./ influxdb prometheus2 elastic5
docker-compose up

This command will create a docker compose file with specified databases configured and ready to run. Each database has a prepared image with some fake data ready to use. For available databases see docker/blocks directory. Mind that for some databases there are multiple images, for example there is prometheus_mac specifically for Macs or different version.

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