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dprokop Chore: Reorg packages (#20111)
Primarily- moving majority of the types and utils from @grafana/ui to @grafana/data

* Move types from grafana-ui to grafana-data

* Move valueFormats to grafana-data

* Move utils from grafana-ui to grafana-data

* Update imports in grafana-ui

* revert data's tsconfig change

* Update imports in grafana-runtime

* Fix import paths in grafana-ui

* Move rxjs to devDeps

* Core import updates batch 1

* Import updates batch 2

* Imports fix batch 3

* Imports fixes batch i don't know

* Fix imorts in grafana-toolkit

* Fix imports after master merge
Latest commit 9b7748e Oct 31, 2019

Example App - Native Plugin

This is an example app. It has no real use other than making sure external apps are supported.

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