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The easiest way to integrate performance tests in your CircleCI pipeline.


How to Contribute

We welcome issues to and pull requests against this repository!

Check out the CircleCI Orb Docs for using and creating CircleCI Orbs.

How to Publish

  • Create and push a branch with your new features.
  • When ready to publish a new production version, create a Pull Request from feature branch to master.
  • The title of the pull request must contain a special semver tag: [semver:<segement>] where <segment> is replaced by one of the following values.
Increment Description
major Issue a 1.0.0 incremented release
minor Issue a x.1.0 incremented release
patch Issue a x.x.1 incremented release
skip Do not issue a release

Example: [semver:major]

  • Squash and merge. Ensure the semver tag is preserved and entered as a part of the commit message.
  • On merge, after manual approval, the orb will automatically be published to the Orb Registry.

For further questions/comments about this or other orbs, visit the Orb Category of CircleCI Discuss.

How to publish a dev release

With admin permission on this repo:

  • git pull the branch
  • circleci orb pack src > config.yml
  • circleci orb publish config.yml k6/test@dev:X.Z