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A collection of small utility functions useful during load testing with k6.


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import { sleep } from 'k6'
import http from 'k6/http'

import { randomIntBetween, randomString, randomItem, uuidv4, findBetween } from './src/utils.js'

export default function () {
    let res =``, {
        first_name: randomItem(['Joe', 'Jane']), // random name
        last_name: `Jon${randomString(1, 'aeiou')}s`, //random character from given list
        username: `user_${randomString(10)}`, // random email address,
        password: uuidv4(), // random password in form of uuid

    let username = findBetween(res.body, '"username":"', '"') // grab the username from surrounding strings

    sleep(randomIntBetween(1, 5)) // sleep between 1 and 5 seconds.

Publish a new version

  1. Build a new minified version using the webpack command npm run webpack.
  2. Follow the procedure for creating a new version.
  3. Copy the generated ./build/index.min.js in the expected folder as index.js and open a new PR to