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0.4.0 (unreleased)

0.3.0 (2019-08-16)


  • Loki 877 pracucci: loki: Improve Tailer loop
  • Loki 870 sandlis: bigtable-backup: update docker image for bigtable-backup tool
  • Loki 862 sandlis: live-tailing: preload all the historic entries before query context is cancelled
  • Loki 858 pracucci: loki: removed unused TestGZIPCompression
  • Loki 854 adityacs: Readiness probe for querier
  • Loki 851 cyriltovena: Add readiness probe to distributor deployment.
  • Loki 894 rfratto: ksonnet: update ingester config to transfer chunks on rollout
  • Build 901 sh0rez: chore(packaging): set tag length to 7
  • Build 900 sh0rez: chore(ci/cd): fix grafanasaur credentials and CircleCI image build
  • Build 891 sh0rez: chore(ci/cd): build containers using
  • Build 888 rfratto: Makefile: disable building promtail with systemd support on non-amd64 platforms
  • Build 887 slim-bean: chore(packaging): Dockerfile make avoid containers
  • Build 886 sh0rez: chore(packaging): wrong executable format
  • Build 855 ikeeip: set helm chart appVersion while release
  • Promtail 856 martinbaillie: promtail: Add ServiceMonitor and headless Service
  • Promtail 809 rfratto: Makefile: build promtail with CGO_ENABLED if GOHOSTOS=GOOS=linux
  • Promtail 730 rfratto: promtail: Add systemd journal support

809, 730 NOTE: Systemd journal support is currently limited to amd64 images, arm support should come in the future when the transition to building the arm image and binaries is done natively via an arm container

  • Docs 896 dalance: docs: fix link format
  • Docs 876 BouchaaraAdil: update Docs: update Retention section on Operations doc file
  • Docs 864 temal-: docs: Replace old values in
  • Docs 853 cyriltovena: Add governance documentation
  • Deployment 874 slim-bean: make our ksonnet a little more modular by parameterizing the chunk and index stores
  • Deployment 857 slim-bean: Reorder relabeling rules to prevent pod label from overwriting config define labels

857 POSSIBLY BREAKING: If you relied on a custom pod label to overwrite one of the labels configured by the other sections of the scrape config: job, namespace, instance, container_name and/or __path__, this will no longer happen, the custom pod labels are now loaded first and will be overwritten by any of these listed labels.


  • Loki 897 pracucci: Fix panic in tailer when an ingester is removed from the ring while tailing
  • Loki 880 cyriltovena: fix a bug where nil line buffer would be put back
  • Loki 859 pracucci: loki: Fixed out of order entries allowed in a chunk on edge case
  • Promtail 893 rfratto: pkg/promtail/positions: remove executable bit from positions file
  • Deployment 867 slim-bean: Update read dashboard to include only query and label query routes
  • Deployment 865 sandlis: fix broken jsonnet for querier
  • Canary 889 slim-bean: fix(canary): Fix Flaky Tests
  • Pipeline 869 jojohappy: Pipeline: Fixed labels process test with same objects
  • Logcli 863 adityacs: Fix Nolabels parse metrics

0.2.0 (2019-08-02)

There were over 100 PR's merged since 0.1.0 was released, here's a highlight:

Features / Enhancements

  • Loki: 521 Query label values and names are now fetched from the store.
  • Loki: 541 Improvements in live tailing of logs.
  • Loki: 713 Storage memory improvement.
  • Loki: 764 Tailing can fetch previous logs for context.
  • Loki: 782 Performance improvement: Query storage by iterating through chunks in batches.
  • Loki: 788 Querier timeouts.
  • Loki: 794 Support ingester chunk transfer on shutdown.
  • Loki: 729 Bigtable backup tool support.
  • Pipeline: 738 Added a template stage for manipulating label values.
  • Pipeline: 732 Support for Unix timestamps.
  • Pipeline: 760 Support timestamps without year.
  • Helm: 641 Helm integration testing.
  • Helm: 824 Add service monitor.
  • Helm: 830 Customize namespace.
  • Docker-Plugin: 663 Created a Docker logging driver plugin.
  • Fluent-Plugin: 669 Ability to specify keys to remove.
  • Fluent-Plugin: 709 Multi-worker support.
  • Fluent-Plugin: 792 Add prometheus for metrics and update gems.
  • Build: 668,762 Build multiple architecture containers.
  • Loki-Canary: 772 Moved into Loki project.


There were many fixes, here are a few of the most important:

  • Promtail: 650 Build on windows.
  • Fluent-Plugin: 667 Rename fluent plugin.
  • Docker-Plugin: 813 Fix panic for newer docker version (18.09.7+).

0.1.0 (2019-06-03)

First (beta) Release!

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