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snap collector plugin - kubestate

This plugin collects metrics from Kubernetes about the state of pods, nodes and deployments.

It's used in the snap framework.

  1. Getting Started
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  2. License
  3. Acknowledgements

Getting Started

System Requirements

Operating systems

All OSs currently supported by snap:

  • Linux/amd64
  • Darwin/amd64


This plugin monitors Kubernetes so you need a Kubernetes cluster to monitor. A quick way to get a local test cluster installed is to use Minikube.

This plugin is included in the Raintank Docker image for Kubernetes if you want to see an example of how to easily deploy it as pod to Kubernetes.

This plugin and the above Docker image are used to collect metrics for the Grafana Kubernetes App.

Download kubestate plugin binary:

You can get the pre-built binaries at GitHub Releases page.

To build the plugin binary:

Fork Clone repo into $GOPATH/src/

$ git clone<yourGithubID>/snap-plugin-collector-kubestate.git

Build the plugin by running make within the cloned repo:

$ ./

This builds the plugin binary in /build/

This plugin uses govendor to manage dependencies. If you want to add a dependency, then:

  1. Install govendor with: go get -u
  2. govendor fetch <dependency path> e.g. govendor fetch The ... means install all sub dependencies.
  3. govendor install to update the vendor.json file.
  4. Check in the new dependency that will be in the vendor directory.

Configuration and Usage

  • Set up the snap framework

  • Ensure $SNAP_PATH is exported export SNAP_PATH=$GOPATH/src/

  • If running the task outside of a kubernetes cluster rather than in a pod, then the following two config variables must be set:

    • incluster expects a boolean, default is true.
    • kubeconfigpath expects a string path to the Kubernetes config file, default is empty string.

    Example of how to configure it in a json task manifest:

    "workflow": {
      "collect": {
        "metrics": {
        "config": {
          "/grafanalabs/kubestate": {
            "incluster": false,
            "kubeconfigpath": "/home/user/.kube/config"


There are a number of other resources you can review to learn to use this plugin:

Collected Metrics

This plugin has the ability to gather the following metrics:


Namespace Description (optional)
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/condition/ready specifies if the pod is ready to serve requests
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/condition/scheduled status of the scheduling process for the pod
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/phase/Pending This includes time before being bound to a node, as well as time spent pulling images onto the host.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/phase/Running The pod has been bound to a node and all of the containers have been started.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/phase/Succeeded All containers in the pod have voluntarily terminated with a container exit code of 0, and the system is not going to restart any of these containers.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/phase/Failed All containers in the pod have terminated, and at least one container has terminated in a failure.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/pod/[NODE]/[NAMESPACE]/[POD]/status/phase/Unknown For some reason the state of the pod could not be obtained, typically due to an error in communicating with the host of the pod.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/limits/cpu/cores The limit on cpu cores to be used by a container.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/limits/memory/bytes The limit on memory to be used by a container in bytes.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/requested/cpu/cores The number of requested cpu cores by a container.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/requested/memory/bytes The number of requested memory bytes by a container.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/status/ready specifies whether the container has passed its readiness probe
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/status/restarts number of times the container has been restarted
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/status/running value 1 if container is running else value 0
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/status/terminated value 1 if container is terminated else value 0
/grafanalabs/kubestate/container/[NAMESPACE]/[NODE]/[POD]/[CONTAINER]/status/waiting value 1 if container is waiting else value 0


Namespace Description (optional)
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/spec/unschedulable Whether a node can schedule new pods.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/allocatable/cpu/cores The CPU resources of a node that are available for scheduling.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/allocatable/memory/bytes The memory resources of a node that are available for scheduling.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/allocatable/pods The pod resources of a node that are available for scheduling.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/capacity/cpu/cores The total CPU resources of the node.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/capacity/memory/bytes The total memory resources of the node.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/node/[NODE]/status/capacity/pods The total pod resources of the node.


Namespace Description (optional)
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/metadata/generation The desired generation sequence number for deployment. If a deployment succeeds should be the same as the observed generation.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/status/observedgeneration The generation sequence number after deployment.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/status/targetedreplicas Total number of non-terminated pods targeted by this deployment (their labels match the selector).
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/status/availablereplicas Total number of available pods (ready for at least minReadySeconds) targeted by this deployment.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/status/unavailablereplicas Total number of unavailable pods targeted by this deployment.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/spec/desiredreplicas Number of desired pods.
/grafanalabs/kubestate/deployment/[NAMESPACE]/[DEPLOYMENT]/status/deploynotfinished If desired and observed generation are not the same, then either an ongoing deploy or a failed deploy.



  1. Disk capacity for the cluster


See our recommended process in


This plugin is released under the Apache 2.0 License.