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Synthetic Monitoring Agent

This is the 'worker' for Grafana's Synthetic Monitoring application. The agent provides probe functionality and executes network checks for monitoring remote targets.

Please install Synthetic Monitoring in your Grafana Cloud or local Grafana instance before setting up your own private probe. You may need to generate a new API key to initialize the app.


Probes run checks from distributed locations around the world and send the resulting metrics and events directly to Grafana Cloud Prometheus and Loki services.

You can select 1 or more public probes to run checks from or run your own private probes from any environment you choose.

Run your own private probe

Add Probe

Please refer to Private Probe docs for details.

See examples/kubernetes for the documentation and example yaml files


The agent traps the following signals:

  • SIGTERM: The agent tries to clean up and shut down in an orderly manner.
  • SIGUSR1: The agent disconnects from the API but keeps running checks. After 1 minute elapses, the agent will try to reconnect to the API and keep trying until it succeeds or it's killed. One possible use case is upgrading a running agent with a newer version: after SIGUSR1 is sent, the agent disconnects, allowing another agent to connect in its place. If the new agent fails to connect, the old agent will reconnect and take it from there. You can also use /disconnect endpoint to send SIGUSR1 to process.


You can use the /ready endpoint to check if probe has been able to connect to the API and is ready to start processing checks. A status code of 200 signals that the agent is ready. If the agent is not yet ready, the response has a status code of 503.

Used in conjunction with the USR1 signal or /disconnect endpoint, you can use this mechanism to ask a running agent to disconnect from the API, and poll the /ready entrypoint in order to determine if the new agent has been able to connect already.