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sh0rez feat: Docz (#134)
* docs: switch to docz

* feat: tutorial

* doc(tutorial): Using Jsonnet section

Adds a section about doing the same task, but this time using Jsonnet and Tanka

* feat: custom theme

* wip: parameters

* feat(docs): collapsing codeblocks

* fix(docs): font fixes

* feat(docs): description in header

* doc(tutorial): Abstraction

* doc(example): remove vendor/

* doc(tutorial): Kubernetes library

* fix(docs): link fixes

* doc(tutorial): environments

* fix(docs): file update

* doc: introduction

* doc: installation

* fix(docs): build using gatsby directly

Switches from the docz wrapper to plain gatsby (much more stable)

* doc: README fixes

* doc(tutorial): review feedback

* fix(examples): use upstream kausal in prom-grafana

* chore: netlify deploy dir

* chore(docs): add required vscode extensions in-tree

* chore(docs): remove unused files from vscext

* chore(docs): vscode highlighter debug

* feat(docs): PWA

* feat(docs): remark enhancements

* fix(docs): GitHub button dimensions on mobile

* style(docs): typos

Co-authored-by: Malcolm Holmes

* feat(docs): use #140 in tutorial

Installation of ksonnet-lib is automated, no need to elaborate it anymore

* feat(docs): next/previous buttons in tutorial

* style(docs): %s/our/their/g

* docs: libraries

* fix(docs): update k-lib aliasing section

Simplified it a lot, as Tanka automatically does this now.
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environments/prom-grafana feat: Docz (#134) Jan 8, 2020
lib feat: Docz (#134) Jan 8, 2020
.gitignore feat: Docz (#134) Jan 8, 2020
jsonnetfile.json feat: Docz (#134) Jan 8, 2020
jsonnetfile.lock.json feat: Docz (#134) Jan 8, 2020
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