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Markdown extensions for flatpages
from flask import g, url_for
from markdown.treeprocessors import Treeprocessor
from markdown.extensions import Extension
# pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods
class LocalImages(Treeprocessor):
Use url_for for images local to the flat_page
This is useful for better urls and for freezing.
def __init__(self, page):
self.__page = page
def run(self, root):
images = (e for e in root.getiterator() if e.tag == 'img')
for image in images:
src = image.get('src')
if '/' in src:
new_src = url_for('blog.flat_page_content', path=self.__page.path,
image.set('src', new_src)
return root
class JavierExtensions(Extension):
Extend markdown parsing with:
- url_for for images local to the flat page markdown article
def extendMarkdown(self, md, md_globals):
page = g.get('flat_page')
md.treeprocessors.add('ReviewLinks', LocalImages(page), '_end')