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A digital graffiti blackbook designed for documenting more than just ink.

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Graffiti Analysis 3.0 by Evan Roth.

Software development by Chris Sugrue.
Laser input integration by Theo Watson.
Complies with all <GML> standards.
GNU General Public License.

Application Modes:

Playback: Graffiti Analysis player that loads gml tags from local folder or rss feed.

Laser Input: Graffiti Analysis recording and playback with laser pointer tracking.


.gml tags should be saved locally in:

user name for the current project can altered in 

new project folders MUST include a "tags" and "settings" subdirectory
Key controls:

F1: return to startup screen
f: toggle fullscreen on/off
x: toggle control panels on/off
p: pause/play playback
m: toggle mouse on/off
R: reset tag position and rotation
s: save all tag position / rotation changes
S: change current tag position / rotation changes
arrows (right and left): next or previous tag
esc: quit application
left-mouse drag: change tag position
left-mouse + shift: zoom tag
right-mouse: rotate in y-axis
right-mouse + shift: rotate x-axis

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