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Utility to probe Apple HLS streams.
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HLS Probe Utility

Utility to detect errors in HTTP Live Streams (Apple HLS). It may be used regular monitoring tool and mediaserver stress testing. Features are:

  • parse M3U8-playlists (variant and single-bitrate playlists supported)
  • detect bad playlists format (empty playlists, incorrect chunk durations)
  • check HTTP response statuses and webserver timeouts

Planned features:

  • probe chunks with mediainfo utility (from libav)

This utility can't be used for HLS playback.

This Python version are maintained but development moved to version on Go language:


First install dependencies:

pip install m3u8

pip install PyYAML

Get repo, cd to it and copy hlsproberc-sample to ~/.hlsproberc. Edit it for your needs.


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