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Documentation, guides, etc. for Graft
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Multi SN Dummies guide - Community Code.
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alpha4-simple-setup-images dummies guide for v.1.7.1 GraftNetwork and graft-ng 1.0.0 Mar 16, 2019
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windows-compile-images Windows compilation guide Nov 28, 2018
Alpha 3 - WIP6 Feb 19, 2019 Alpha 4 - Simple step-by-step Supernode setup instructions guide Jan 20, 2019 Update Alpha4.2-Simple-step-by-step-setup-instructions-for-non-Linux-… Feb 18, 2019
Graft Network Windows Windows compilation guide Nov 28, 2018
GraftMobile Build dummies guide for v.1.7.1 GraftNetwork and graft-ng 1.0.0 Mar 16, 2019 Forgot to cahnge dirs Mar 20, 2019
Setup Graft Supernode (Building from Source).md

GRAFT community documentation, guides, etc.

This repository contains various community-contributed documentation and guides for setting up GRAFT nodes, supernodes, etc.

Supernode guides

Graft Supernode Public Testnet v.1.7.1 - Simple step-by-step Supernode setup instructions for non-Linux users

Detailed setup guide by yidakee to get a supernode up and running from scratch on a Ubuntu 18.04 system. Highly recommended for new-to-Linux users to get going.

Docker supernode guide

Instructions (by Fez) on how to run a supernode inside a docker container, which, among other things, allows you easily to run the supernode on Linux systems that don't necessarily satisfy the official Ubuntu 18.04 release requirement.

Quick Setup Graft Supernode (Building from Source)

This is a condensed set of instructions to get up and running with a supernode. Recommended for someone with prior Linux experience, or who has gone through the setup before and just needs a quick refresher on the steps.

Updating the supernode code and recompiling

A quick set of instructions (by Jason) describing how to update and rebuild the supernode using either the dev or community builds.

Other guides

Compiling node + cli tools on Windows

A comprehensive set of instructions on how to compile your own node and command-line Windows binaries on Windows by Patrick

Instructions on how to build Graft Android Wallet and POS on Qt cross-platform application framework for Windows desktop.

A complete setup up guide on to where to download the components, assemble the IDE and build GraftMobile components on Windows.

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