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Community Tasks Guidelines

  • Interested devs should submit a proposal for the task by the submit date with the following information:
    • Brief description of the task implementation plan including milestones for larger tasks
    • Proposed timeline
    • Acceptance of the reward or counter-proposal
  • All tasks are expected to be accompanied by the unit tests. Unit tests should be written ahead of the implementation, following the design phase
  • The design of implementation is discussed and approved by the technical committee on the task
  • TC and core team reserve the right to stop work and reassign the task if they feel that the place or direction of task progress is insufficient to meet the requirements or the deadlines


  • Developers or teams submit proposals by the “submit by” date

if no proposals received, the tasks submission timelines will be extended or will be assigned to the core team based on availability

  • Core team reviews the proposals and select the best one, awarding the task
  • Regular touch points will be established to measure progress

if the sufficient progress is not being made according to the established timelines, the core dev team is free to select another project / team.

  • Developer submits the task as pull request
  • The task has to pass the agreed upon acceptance criteria and unit tests
  • Community and the core team review the change
  • Award is distributed
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