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Running libwallet_api tests

Environment for the tests

  • Running monero node, linked to private/public testnet. By default, tests expect daemon running at localhost:38081, can we overriden with enviroment variable TESTNET_DAEMON_ADDRESS=<your_daemon_address> Manual explaining how to run private testnet.

  • Directory with pre-generated wallets (wallet_01.bin, wallet_02.bin,...,wallet_06.bin, some of these wallets might not be used in the tests currently). By default, tests expect these wallets to be in /var/monero/testnet_pvt. Directory can be overriden with environment variable WALLETS_ROOT_DIR=<your_directory_with_wallets>. Directory and files should be writable for the user running tests.

Generating test wallets

  • - this script will create wallets (wallet_01.bin, wallet_02.bin,...,wallet_06.bin) in current directory. when running first time, please uncomment line #create_wallet wallet_m to create miner wallet as well. This wallet should be used for mining and all test wallets supposed to be seed from this miner wallet

  • and - helper scripts to start and stop mining on miner waller

  • - script for seeding test wallets. Please run this script when you have ehough money on miner wallet