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A convenient wrapper around NixOps making it work well with git controlled repos
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A NixOps Wrapper for Git* Projects

* The dependency on Git is only one line and could easily be removed/replaced for your needs.

This tool is a simple wrapper around NixOps. The goal is to make it easier to use NixOps when you want to share your deployment state between members of a team.

To achieve this, this wrapper gives every deployment as a separate state file which is placed in the same directory as this script. The files have the .nixops extension.

You are expected to keep these files in version control. It's also highly recommended that you use a tool like git-crypt to keep them encrypted with this entry in .gitattributes:

*.nixops   binary filter=git-crypt diff=git-crypt

This tool also enforces a per-repository version of Nixpkgs via a file in the same directory as the script. This ensures that all users have a consistent version of NixOps and deploy a consistent set of packages to servers.

Most commands work identically to NixOps. However, instead of specifying deployments with the --deployment/-d flag, you select a deployment in the first argument. In other words, instead of the normal NixOps usage of

nixops deploy -d stage --check  # Normal nixops usage.

You'd run:

./manage stage deploy --check   # Manage script usage.

This assume there is a file ./stage.nixops where this state is being stored.

Use ./manage --help to see normal NixOps help. Use ./manage {deployment} .shell to open a Nix shell where the environment is set up to use nixops directly with the same behavior as running ./manage commands.

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