Code Kata helper to make doing Katas easier and fun.
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codekata makes doing coding katas easier and more fun. At its basic level the codekata command line utility makes setting up, executing and learning from coding exercises more fun and effective.


codekata [action]

Available actions:

start <language> Start a kata in your chosen language
list             List available languages
update           Update the currently installed codekata
kata             List available katas
info <kata>      Show details of the named kata


codekata start js

Starts a Javascript kata in a directory named after the current date YYYY-MM-YY


Currently codekata assumes that lazybuilder is installed. Lazybuilder is used to run the unit tests for the kata. If it is not installed the codekata command will fail in the last step and you will need to run make on the command line to run the tests.

Each language has its own dependencies (runtime and test framework). Until they get documented please take a look at the template and recipes for dependencies.


Open a terminal window and enter the following:

wget -O - | sh