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A Django webapp to escrow filevault keys sent by the Crypt client app.
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Crypt is a tool for securely storing secrets such as FileVault 2 recovery keys. It is made up of a client app, and a Django web app for storing the keys.

This Docker image contains the fully configured Crypt Django web app. A default admin user has been preconfigured, use admin/password to login. If you intend on using the server for anything semi-serious it is a good idea to change the password or add a new admin user and delete the default one.


  • Secrets are encrypted in the database
  • All access is audited - all reasons for retrieval and approval are logged along side the users performing the actions
  • Two step approval for retrieval of secrets is enabled by default
  • Approval permission can be given to all users (so just any two users need to approve the retrieval) or a specific group of users

Installation instructions

It is recommended that you use Docker to run this, but if you wish to run directly on a host, installation instructions are over in the docs directory


These settings are for the upcoming Crypt Server 3 release. Please refer to these settings for the present 2.x releases

All settings that would be entered into can also be passed into the Docker container as environment variables.

  • FIELD_ENCRYPTION_KEY - The key to use when encrypting the secrets. This is required.

  • SEND_EMAIL - Crypt Server can send email notifcations when secrets are requested and approved. Set SEND_EMAIL to True, and set HOST_NAME to your server's host and URL scheme (e.g. For configuring your email settings, see the Django documentation.

  • APPROVE_OWN - By default, users with approval permissons can approve their own key requests. By setting this to False in (or by using the APPROVE_OWN environment variable with Docker), users cannot approve their own requests.

  • ALL_APPROVE - By default, users need to be explicitly given approval permissions to approve key retrieval requests. By setting this to True in, all users are given this permission when they log in.

  • ROTATE_VIEWED_SECRETS - With a compatible client (such as Crypt 3.2.0 and greater), Crypt Server can instruct the client to rotate the secret and re-escrow it when the secret has been viewed. Enable by setting this to True or by using ROTATE_VIEWED_SECRETS and setting to true.


Main Page: Crypt Main Page

Computer Info: Computer info

User Key Request: Userkey request

Manage Requests: Manage Requests

Approve Request: Approve Request

Key Retrieval: Key Retrieval

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