Automatic Creation

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All of the below, unless specified should be run on a machine running OS X.

Note: Build target and build host OS must be the same major version. For example, when creating a 10.13 NBI, you must build from a 10.13 machine.

tl;dr (or, I just want an NBI)

  • Step 1: Make a configuration plist
  • Step 2: Download the latest release
  • Step 3: Copy the Tools directory to your computer somewhere
  • Step 4: cd where/you/copied/Tools
  • Step 5: make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist"

If you would prefer to use a GUI to build your NetInstall, see GUI Tools.

I have a bit more time

The included Makefile makes the process of creating a NetInstall near painless. You will need Xcode 6.0 or later installed if you want to build the development version. We currently have a few defaults that you might wish to override. By default, your configuration plist will be validated. It's recommended you do this, but it can be disabled (see below on overriding defaults).

APP="/Applications/Install macOS High"
ARGS= --enable-nbi --add-python

You can change these default variables in a or via command line arguments. Make is very particular to quotation marks so please pay attention to the examples!

Command Line Argument Examples:

# You need a copy of the Makefile, so clone the git repo
$ git clone
$ cd imagr

# Build a NetInstall set with the default settings
$ make nbi

# Set a custom URL
$ make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist"

# Set a custom URL and a report URL
$ make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist" REPORTURL="http://my_server/report"

# Set a custom URL and output path
$ make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist" OUTPUT=~/Documents

# Set a custom URL, output path, application installer, and NetInstall name
$ make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist" APP="/Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\" OUTPUT=/Volumes/data/temp/ NBI="myImagr"

# Live on the edge - use the current development code rather than the release version
$ make nbi URL="http://my_server/imagr_config.plist" BUILD=Testing
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