Getting Started

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A functional Imagr setup requires three main components: a Web Server, NetBoot server, and a python enabled NetBoot or NetInstall set. The proper setup of the web and netboot server will be left up to the reader.

Web server

Any web server will work but for production purposes make sure you have a stable connection that can handle the load. Your web server will handle the distribution of packages and images, as such most of the traffic will come from this component. The web server must be available to the client machines without any authentication (either HTTPS or plain HTTP will work). The Web server hosts the workflow configuration that specifies how clients should be installed.

Netboot server

This component can be run on OS X using Apple's Server app, or on Linux via JAMF's NetSUS utility, or via Pepijn Bruienne's BSDPy.

NetInstall Set

The NetInstall set is the main component that allows Imagr to function. The recommended solution to create a NetInstall environment for Imagr is to use AutoNBI. A guide specific to the creation of such a set can be found here.

Other components

You need things to deploy / install! Images are deployed using ASR over HTTP. An image that is produced by AutoDMG will work perfectly. Bundle style packages need to be wrapped in a dmg.

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