Updating a NetInstall

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With new releases of Imagr you will want to update the Imagr.app on your NetInstall set. One of the features of AutoNBI is the ability to update your "Packages" directory containing your application config plist, rc.imaging file, and Imagr.app without having to rebuild your entire NetInstall.

Run the following command to update:

$ make update

Note: The update workflow uses the OUTPUT and NBI variables from the included Makefile. You are able to override these in a config.mk file.

When to update

It will be necessary to update your NetInstall set when any of the following are true:

  • When a new version of Imagr is released or when testing development code
  • Your application config plist has been modified (new server, new file name, http to https, etc)
  • A new feature to AutoNBI is added that you would like to utilize

Don't update

It is not appropriate to update a NetInstall set when supporting a new release of OS X. When a new release of OS X is available it is best practice to download the most up-to-date build from the App Store. By using the newest build available at the time of creation one should be able to support most recent hardware.

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