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by Graham Pugh


Note: The default (main) branch is the latest code commit of the production track, which represents versions 28.0 and newer. Any Pull Requests should be made to the main branch.

The release branch should correspond to the current latest release.

The legacy branch is the latest code commit of the legacy track, which represents versions up to 27.x. The legacy track is for those who need to use this script on macOS 10.15 or older.

WARNING. This is a self-destruct script. Do not try it out on your own device! is a script to reinstall macOS directly from the system volume using startosinstall, a resource binary which has been built into macOS installer applications since version 10.12.4. The --eraseinstall option was added with macOS 10.13.4 for computers with an APFS system volume.

It can be used to download, reinstall, upgrade or erase macOS.

The script is designed to interact with mist-cli, a script developed by Nindi Gill, in order to download a macOS Installer application directly from Apple to the client. The minimum required version is macOS 10.15.

It is alternatively possible to use the softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer command on Mac computers running macOS 11 or greater (macOS 11 is required because the --list-full-installers option is used to find valid builds).

The script is also designed to interact with swiftDialog for providing dialogues to users. The minimum required version for swiftDialog is macOS 11.

The script has many options to suit a large variety of workflows, management tools and user experiences. Originally designed to work with Macs that are enrolled into Jamf Pro, it now has additional options for use with other management systems or no management systems at all.

Please refer to the Wiki for detailed documentation