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// Copyright 2018 GRAIL, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by the Apache 2.0
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package bigmachine
import (
// A System implements a set of methods to set up a bigmachine and
// start new machines. Systems are also responsible for providing an
// HTTP client that can be used to communicate between machines
// and drivers.
type System interface {
// Name is the name of this system. It is used to multiplex multiple
// system implementations, and thus should be unique among
// systems.
Name() string
// Init is called when the bigmachine starts up in order to
// initialize the system implementation. If an error is returned,
// the Bigmachine fails.
Init(*B) error
// Main is called to start a machine. The system is expected to
// take over the process; the bigmachine fails if main returns (and
// if it does, it should always return with an error).
Main() error
// HTTPClient returns an HTTP client that can be used to communicate
// from drivers to machines as well as between machines.
HTTPClient() *http.Client
// ListenAndServe serves the provided handler on an HTTP server that
// is reachable from other instances in the bigmachine cluster. If addr
// is the empty string, the default cluster address is used.
ListenAndServe(addr string, handle http.Handler) error
// Start launches up to n new machines. The returned machines can
// be in Unstarted state, but should eventually become available.
Start(ctx context.Context, n int) ([]*Machine, error)
// Exit is called to terminate a machine with the provided exit code.
// Shutdown is called on graceful driver exit. It's should be used to
// perform system tear down. It is not guaranteed to be called.
// Maxprocs returns the maximum number of processors per machine,
// as configured. Returns 0 if is a dynamic value.
Maxprocs() int
// KeepaliveConfig returns the various keepalive timeouts that should
// be used to maintain keepalives for machines started by this system.
KeepaliveConfig() (period, timeout, rpcTimeout time.Duration)
// Tail returns a reader that follows the bigmachine process logs.
Tail(ctx context.Context, m *Machine) (io.Reader, error)
// Read returns a reader that reads the contents of the provided filename
// on the host. This is done outside of the supervisor to support external
// monitoring of the host.
Read(ctx context.Context, m *Machine, filename string) (io.Reader, error)
var (
systemsMu sync.Mutex
systems = make(map[string]System)
// RegisterSystem is used by systems implementation to register a
// system implementation. RegisterSystem registers the implementation
// with gob, so that instances can be transmitted over the wire. It
// also registers the provided System instance as a default to use
// for the name to support bigmachine.Init.
func RegisterSystem(name string, system System) {
defer systemsMu.Unlock()
must.Nil(systems[name], "system ", name, " already registered")
systems[name] = system
// Init initializes bigmachine. It should be called after flag
// parsing and global setup in bigmachine-based processes. Init is a
// no-op if the binary is not running as a bigmachine worker; if it
// is, Init never returns.
func Init() {
name := os.Getenv("BIGMACHINE_SYSTEM")
if name == "" {
system, ok := systems[name]
must.True(ok, "system ", name, " not found")
must.Never("start returned: ", Start(system))
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