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The Release plugin for Grails
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Release Plugin

This plugin enables you to publish application WAR files and plugin packages (zip files) to Maven-compatible repositories. It can also install them to your local Maven cache.


Use either the command:

grails install-plugin release

or add this dependency to BuildConfig.groovy (Grails 1.3+ only):

build ":release:<pluginVersion>"

where is the version of the plugin you want to use.


The plugin provides four commands:

grails generate-pom
grails maven-install
grails maven-deploy
grails publish-plugin

The first of these simply generates a pom.xml for your project's artifact, be it an application WAR or a packaged plugin. The second command installs the artifact into the local Maven cache. The third one deploys the package to a remote Maven-compatible repository. The last command will publish a plugin to the Grails central plugin repository or another repository of your choice. The publication process includes notification of a "plugin portal" (such as that the plugin has been released.

For more information, check out the user guide.

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