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casServerUrlPrefix cannot be null. grails 2.5 and spring security 2.0.0 #9

ddorigo opened this issue Dec 9, 2015 · 8 comments


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@ddorigo ddorigo commented Dec 9, 2015

Dear all,
I have a grails 2.5 application running with the following security
configuration in BuildConfig:

compile ':spring-security-core:2.0-RC5'
compile ':spring-security-cas:2.0-RC1'

I moved to
compile ':spring-security-core:2.0.0'
compile ':spring-security-cas:2.0.0'

and I get the following error during deployment:

Exception starting filter CAS Single Sign Out Filter
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: casServerUrlPrefix cannot be null.
at org.jasig.cas.client.util.CommonUtils.assertNotNull(
at org.jasig.cas.client.session.SingleSignOutHandler.init(
at org.jasig.cas.client.session.SingleSignOutFilter.init(
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

The cas configuration is included from Config.groovy:
grails.config.locations = ["file:${['catalina.base']}/webapps/appName/WEB-INF/gintegration-config.groovy"]

and in gintegration:

// app
grails.serverURL = "http://hostname:8080/appName"
grails.serverSecureURL = "https://hostname:8043/appName"

// CAS configuration
grails.plugin.springsecurity.seSessionFixationPrevention = false
grails.plugin.springsecurity.useCAS = true = true
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serverUrlPrefix = 'https://hostname:10443/sso'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serverUrlEncoding = 'UTF-8'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.loginUri = '/login'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.sendRenew = false
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serviceUrl = "${grails.serverURL}/secure/security_check"
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.key ='authentication_provider'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.artifactParameter = 'ticket'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serviceParameter = 'service'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.filterProcessesUrl = '/secure/security_check'
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.proxyCallbackUrl = "${grails.serverSecureURL}/secure/receptor"
grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.proxyReceptorUrl = '/secure/receptor'

grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.useSingleSignOut = true

// also CAS related - do not touch please
grails.plugin.springsecurity.logoutURL = "${grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serverUrlPrefix}/logout"
grails.plugin.springsecurity.logout.afterLogoutUrl = "${grails.plugin.springsecurity.cas.serverUrlPrefix}/logout?url=${grails.serverURL}"

I tried to change some configuration but it doesn't help. Am I doing something wrong?


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@sersena sersena commented Jan 14, 2016

Burtbeckwith changed the version of cas-client-core. In RC5 was 3.3.3, and just before 2.0.0 final release was changed to 3.4.1:

  •   compile 'org.jasig.cas.client:cas-client-core:3.3.3', {
    •      excludes 'commons-codec', 'commons-logging', 'junit', 'log4j', 'opensaml', 'servlet-api',
    •               'spring-beans', 'spring-context', 'spring-core', 'spring-test', 'xmlsec'
    •  compile 'org.jasig.cas.client:cas-client-core:3.4.1', {
    •      excludes 'commons-codec', 'javax.servlet-api', 'jcl-over-slf4j', 'junit', 'log4j', 'slf4j-api',
    •               'slf4j-simple', 'spring-beans', 'spring-context', 'spring-core', 'spring-test', 'xmlsec'
      The plugin is not ready for 3.4.1 in grails 2.5.

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@jneallawson jneallawson commented Jan 28, 2016

Did you fix it, ddorigo? I'm getting the same error and am not sure what the solution is.


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@sersena sersena commented Jan 31, 2016

In BuildConfig.groovy, dependencies...
compile "org.jasig.cas.client:cas-client-core:3.3.3", {
excludes 'commons-codec', 'commons-logging', 'junit', 'log4j', 'opensaml', 'servlet-api', 'spring-beans',
'spring-context', 'spring-core', 'spring-test', 'xmlsec' }

It´s working fine.


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@rlaplante rlaplante commented Feb 23, 2016

Any news on this ? will it be part of a next release ?


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@zepuka zepuka commented Aug 15, 2017

@sersena 's fix worked initially for local deployment of three different grails apps I was upgrading to run on tomcat 8 / java 8 (from tomcat 6 / java 6). I needed the security upgrade to do so and ran into the same problem described here, and once I added the cas-client-core:3.3.3 dependency with those exclusions, I was able to run the apps with embedded tomcat as well as deployed to a local tomcat.

However, when the apps were deployed to other environments, they would act consistently per environment, but on some environments would start up successfully, and others would not. ie: it would always fail to start on instance 1, but always successfully start on instance 2.

This type of behavior is typically indicative of library conflicts that aren't always resolved the same way from instance to instance of tomcat. I at first thought the problem was the xerces and xml-apis dependencies being pulled in by this cas-client-core, but after excluding them the same problem persisted. I was finally able to fix the problem by just ignoring ALL transitive dependencies pulled in by cas-client-core, so my BuildConfig.groovy for the CAS upgrade looks like this:

compile 'org.jasig.cas.client:cas-client-core:3.3.3', { transitive = false }

I'm not sure if this is because we have some other plugins / dependencies than is typical, or because of the version we're using, but I figured I'd leave this here in case anyone else runts into the same problem.

Our apps used the following versions (only included what I thought may be relevant):

  • Grails 2.4.5
  • spring-security-core 2.0.0
  • spring-security-cas 2.0.0
  • spring-security-ldap 2.0.1
  • hibernate
  • groovy-backports-compat23 2.4.4
  • rest 0.8 (xerces was also pulled in here, so that may have been part of the problem)

All environments were running Java 8u5 and Tomcat 8.0.14


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@sdelamo sdelamo commented Oct 3, 2017

I believe this is solved in

compile "org.grails.plugins:spring-security-cas:2.0.1"



Could anyone @ddorigo @sersena @zepuka @rlaplante could you please confirm it is solved for you?


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@sdelamo sdelamo commented Oct 3, 2017

Please reopen if the error is still ocurring.

@sdelamo sdelamo closed this Oct 3, 2017

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@sdelamo sdelamo commented Oct 9, 2017

I have reverted the CAS Client Core dependency to: cas-client-core:3.3.3 and release a new version ( 2.0.2) of the plugin.

compile "org.grails.plugins:spring-security-cas:2.0.2"

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