A profile for creating applications with React frontends
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Grails React Profile

A profile for creating Grails applications with a React frontend

Build Status

grails create-app myApp --profile=react
  • If you are looking for the webpack/monolithic version of this profile, please see the 1.x branch: https://github.com/grails-profiles/react/tree/1.x You can install it with the command below:

    grails create-app myApp --profile=org.grails.profiles:react:1.0.2

Using the profile

This profile provides a client/server multi-project build. The server Grails app is using the rest-api profile with CORS enabled. It can be started using 'grails run-app' or using the Gradle wrapper:

  ./gradlew server:bootRun

The React client app has been built using the create-react-app CLI. It can be started via npm start (in which case you will need to run npm install to install npm dependencies) or using the Gradle wrapper (which will install npm dependencies automatically if needed):

  ./gradlew client:start

The client app's build.gradle defines other tasks to test and build the app using react-scripts. Please see create-react-app's documentation for more information: https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react-app

To run both client & server projects in parallel, use the Gradle wrapper:

 ./gradlew bootRun -parallel

For support, please use the Groovy Community Slack (https://groovycommunity.slack.com/) or open an issue on Github: https://github.com/grails-profiles/react/issues