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Implementation of in Grails with example Wiki engine
This application was developed against Grails 1.1 uses the following plug-in:
- Searchable 0.4.2-SNAPSHOT
- JSecurity 0.3
- Mail 0.1-ALPHA
- Quartz 0.2
- Feeds 1.2
- Liquibase 1.0.9 (patched)
In addition, the application requires a persistent database (an in-memory HSQLDB won't do) at the moment its configured to
look for a MySQL db configured with:
url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/grails"
username = "root"
password = ""
Getting Started
First you should run the application and configure an initial admin account:
grails -Dinitial.admin.password=changeit run-app
Once this is done CTRL-C or quit the application and import the data from Confluence using
grails import-confluence-xml ./data/confluence/entities.xml
If you want to translate the Plugin Wiki pages into the new Plugin model, run this script
grails transfer-content-to-plugins
With this done you can now run-app
grails run-app
And you have a successfully configured Grails wiki. After one minute, a job will run that will attempt to update local
plugin data with master data located on the server.
Continuing after an update
If other developers have made database migrations and properly annotated them in a Liquibase changelog, you'll need to
run 'grails migrate' to update your local database. This should be run whenever anything in the grails-app/migrations
folder has changed.
If you start seeing unexplained SQL exceptions, it is probably because you or someone else didn't keep the changelog
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