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import org.grails.auth.User
import org.grails.content.Version
import org.grails.plugin.License
import org.grails.plugin.Plugin
import org.grails.plugin.PluginTab
import org.joda.time.DateTime
fixture {
build {
// Plugin tab 'wiki' pages for each of the above plugins.
def admin = User.findByLogin("admin")
name: "Apache License 2.0",
url: "")
name: "GNU General Public License 2",
url: "")
name: "GNU General Public License 3",
url: "")
// First Shiro
shiroInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-shiro-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin shiro@")
title: shiroInstallation.title,
body: shiroInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: shiroInstallation,
author: admin)
shiroDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-shiro-description", body: "Apache Shiro integration for Grails")
title: shiroDescription.title,
body: shiroDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: shiroDescription,
author: admin)
shiroFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-shiro-faq", body: "")
title: shiroFaq.title,
body: shiroFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: shiroFaq,
author: admin)
shiroScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-shiro-screenshots", body: "")
title: shiroScreenshots.title,
body: shiroScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: shiroScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "shiro",
title: "Apache Shiro Plugin",
currentRelease: "1.1-SNAPSHOT",
author: "Peter Ledbrook",
organization: "KataSoft",
summary: "Integrates the Apache Shiro security framework into your Grails applications.",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2009, 12, 10, 10, 00),
installation: shiroInstallation,
description: shiroDescription,
faq: shiroFaq,
screenshots: shiroScreenshots,
licenses: [ apacheLicense ])
// Fixtures
fixturesInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-fixtures-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin fixtures@")
title: fixturesInstallation.title,
body: fixturesInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: fixturesInstallation,
author: admin)
fixturesDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-fixtures-description", body: "Set up fixture data for your Grails application.")
title: fixturesDescription.title,
body: fixturesDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: fixturesDescription,
author: admin)
fixturesFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-fixtures-faq", body: "")
title: fixturesFaq.title,
body: fixturesFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: fixturesFaq,
author: admin)
fixturesScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-fixtures-screenshots", body: "")
title: fixturesScreenshots.title,
body: fixturesScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: fixturesScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "fixtures",
title: "Fixtures Plugin",
currentRelease: "1.0.1",
author: "Grails Plugin Collective",
summary: "Declare sample data using a Spring Bean DSL like syntax and load it form anywhere in your application: tests, BootStrap, controllers, in fact anyhere. Also integrates with Build Test Data plugin.",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2011, 5, 5, 17, 11),
installation: fixturesInstallation,
description: fixturesDescription,
faq: fixturesFaq,
screenshots: fixturesScreenshots)
// Build Test Data
btdInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-build-test-data-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin build-test-data@")
title: btdInstallation.title,
body: btdInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: btdInstallation,
author: admin)
btdDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-build-test-data-description", body: "Set up fixture data for your Grails application.")
title: btdDescription.title,
body: btdDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: btdDescription,
author: admin)
btdFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-build-test-data-faq", body: "")
title: btdFaq.title,
body: btdFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: btdFaq,
author: admin)
btdScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-build-test-data-screenshots", body: "")
title: btdScreenshots.title,
body: btdScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: btdScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "build-test-data",
title: "Build Test Data Plugin",
currentRelease: "1.2",
author: "Ted Naleid",
summary: """\
This plugin allows the user to easily create testing data through the use of a "build" method that is added to all Domain Classes. The build method inspects all of the constraints and creates default values for those required properties.
This testing data is much more robust as it changes with the domain classes when new properties and constraints are added. The only tests that will break are the ones directly related to the changes you're making, rather than any test using any part of that domain class.
This is a test list:
* One
* Two
* What comes next?
lastReleased: new DateTime(2012, 1, 23, 0, 0),
installation: btdInstallation,
description: btdDescription,
faq: btdFaq,
screenshots: btdScreenshots)
// Hibernate
hibernateInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-hibernate-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin hibernate@")
title: hibernateInstallation.title,
body: hibernateInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: hibernateInstallation,
author: admin)
hibernateDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-hibernate-description", body: "Hibernate for GORM.")
title: hibernateDescription.title,
body: hibernateDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: hibernateDescription,
author: admin)
hibernateFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-hibernate-faq", body: "")
title: hibernateFaq.title,
body: hibernateFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: hibernateFaq,
author: admin)
hibernateScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-hibernate-screenshots", body: "")
title: hibernateScreenshots.title,
body: hibernateScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: hibernateScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "hibernate",
title: "Hibernate ORM Plugin",
currentRelease: "1.3.4",
author: "SpringSource",
organization: "SpringSource",
organizationUrl: "",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2011, 12, 31, 0, 0),
installation: hibernateInstallation,
description: hibernateDescription,
faq: hibernateFaq,
screenshots: hibernateScreenshots,
licenses: [ apacheLicense, gpl3License ])
// Tomcat
tomcatInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-tomcat-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin tomcat@")
title: tomcatInstallation.title,
body: tomcatInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: tomcatInstallation,
author: admin)
tomcatDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-tomcat-description", body: "Use Tomcat for run-app.")
title: tomcatDescription.title,
body: tomcatDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: tomcatDescription,
author: admin)
tomcatFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-tomcat-faq", body: "")
title: tomcatFaq.title,
body: tomcatFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: tomcatFaq,
author: admin)
tomcatScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-tomcat-screenshots", body: "")
title: tomcatScreenshots.title,
body: tomcatScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: tomcatScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "tomcat",
title: "Tomcat",
currentRelease: "1.3.4",
author: "SpringSource",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2010, 8, 11, 22, 30),
installation: tomcatInstallation,
description: tomcatDescription,
faq: tomcatFaq,
screenshots: tomcatScreenshots,
usage: 0.6)
// GWT
gwtInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gwt-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin gwt@")
title: gwtInstallation.title,
body: gwtInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: gwtInstallation,
author: admin)
gwtDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gwt-description", body: "GWT integration.")
title: gwtDescription.title,
body: gwtDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: gwtDescription,
author: admin)
gwtFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gwt-faq", body: "")
title: gwtFaq.title,
body: gwtFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: gwtFaq,
author: admin)
gwtScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gwt-screenshots", body: "")
title: gwtScreenshots.title,
body: gwtScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: gwtScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "gwt",
title: "GWT Integration",
currentRelease: "0.2.3-SNAPSHOT",
grailsVersion: "1.1 > *",
author: "Peter Ledbrook",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2010, 8, 10, 14, 21),
installation: gwtInstallation,
description: gwtDescription,
faq: gwtFaq,
screenshots: gwtScreenshots,
usage: 0.3)
// Gemfire
gemfireInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gemfire-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin gemfire@")
title: gemfireInstallation.title,
body: gemfireInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: gemfireInstallation,
author: admin)
gemfireDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gemfire-description", body: "")
title: gemfireDescription.title,
body: gemfireDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: gemfireDescription,
author: admin)
gemfireFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gemfire-faq", body: "")
title: gemfireFaq.title,
body: gemfireFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: gemfireFaq,
author: admin)
gemfireScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-gemfire-screenshots", body: "")
title: gemfireScreenshots.title,
body: gemfireScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: gemfireScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "gemfire",
title: "Gemfire Plugin",
summary: "Implements the GORM API to map domain classes to a Gemfire data grid.",
currentRelease: "1.0",
grailsVersion: "1.3 > *",
featured: true,
issuesUrl: "",
scmUrl: "",
documentationUrl: "",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2011, 3, 7, 8, 30),
installation: gemfireInstallation,
description: gemfireDescription,
faq: gemfireFaq,
screenshots: gemfireScreenshots)
// Spock
spockInstallation(PluginTab, title: "plugin-spock-installation", body: "@grails install-plugin spock@")
title: spockInstallation.title,
body: spockInstallation.body,
number: 0,
current: spockInstallation,
author: admin)
spockDescription(PluginTab, title: "plugin-spock-description", body: "")
title: spockDescription.title,
body: spockDescription.body,
number: 0,
current: spockDescription,
author: admin)
spockFaq(PluginTab, title: "plugin-spock-faq", body: "")
title: spockFaq.title,
body: spockFaq.body,
number: 0,
current: spockFaq,
author: admin)
spockScreenshots(PluginTab, title: "plugin-spock-screenshots", body: "")
title: spockScreenshots.title,
body: spockScreenshots.body,
number: 0,
current: spockScreenshots,
author: admin)
name: "spock",
groupId: "org.spockframework.grails",
title: "Spock Plugin",
summary: "Allows you to write your tests using Spock instead of JUnit.",
currentRelease: "1.0",
grailsVersion: "1.3 > *",
featured: true,
issuesUrl: "",
scmUrl: "",
documentationUrl: "",
lastReleased: new DateTime(2011, 3, 7, 15, 59),
installation: spockInstallation,
description: spockDescription,
faq: spockFaq,
screenshots: spockScreenshots,
mavenRepositories: ["", ""])
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