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import org.grails.taggable.*
fixture {
build {
caching(Tag, name: "caching")
ui(Tag, name: "ui")
security(Tag, name: "security")
springsource(Tag, name: "springsource")
shiroSec(TagLink, tag: security, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
gwtUi(TagLink, tag: ui, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
gemfireCaching(TagLink, tag: caching, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
gemfireSs(TagLink, tag: springsource, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
hibernateSs(TagLink, tag: springsource, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
tomcatSs(TagLink, tag: springsource, tagRef:, type: "plugin")
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