The Grails Web Application Framework
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gradle Bump up to Gradle 5 Dec 5, 2018
grails-bom 7.0.0.M1 of neo4j and mongodb Dec 12, 2018
grails-bootstrap collapse keys with subscript Dec 14, 2018
grails-codecs upgrade commons-codecs May 8, 2017
grails-console Spring 5 upgrade in progress Oct 6, 2017
grails-core remove deprecation from @entity Dec 11, 2018
grails-databinding Fix failing tests Oct 11, 2018
grails-dependencies Upgrade to Groovy 2.5.3 Oct 15, 2018
grails-docs Fix compilation error. Upgrade to Groovy 2.5.4. Revert to using old G… Nov 15, 2018
grails-encoder Deprecated Class Cleanup Nov 23, 2018
grails-gradle-model grails-gradle-model classes with @CompileStatic Nov 30, 2018
grails-gradle-plugin Disable the bootJar task for grails-plugins Gradle plugin Dec 14, 2018
grails-logging Don't add logging behavior to classes that extend GrailsAutoConfigura… Sep 28, 2018
grails-plugin-codecs Remove commons-lang dependency Apr 24, 2017
grails-plugin-controllers GrailsWebRequestFilter should apply to includes and forwards Dec 13, 2018
grails-plugin-databinding Add jsr310 converters test Dec 11, 2018
grails-plugin-datasource Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.3.x Nov 21, 2017
grails-plugin-domain-class Revert "g.persistence.Entity with g.gorm.annotation.Entity" Dec 5, 2018
grails-plugin-i18n Remove commons-lang dependency Apr 24, 2017
grails-plugin-interceptors #10998 Code reformat May 30, 2018
grails-plugin-mimetypes Fix issue with mime type reading from config Dec 14, 2018
grails-plugin-rest Revert "g.persistence.Entity with g.gorm.annotation.Entity" Dec 5, 2018
grails-plugin-services Handle null lazyInit. Fixes #10773 Aug 16, 2017
grails-plugin-url-mappings Remove grails-validation, use testing support snapshot Nov 20, 2018
grails-plugin-validation Deprecated Class Cleanup Nov 23, 2018
grails-shell Revert "g.persistence.Entity with g.gorm.annotation.Entity" Dec 5, 2018
grails-spring Spring 5 upgrade in progress Oct 6, 2017
grails-test-suite-base Upgrade to GORM 7.0 / Remove last traces of ConcurrentLinkedHashMap Nov 20, 2018
grails-test-suite-persistence Revert "g.persistence.Entity with g.gorm.annotation.Entity" Dec 5, 2018
grails-test-suite-uber Cleanup / upgrade dependencies and move to Dec 11, 2018
grails-test-suite-web Cleanup / upgrade dependencies and move to Dec 11, 2018
grails-test Compiles successfully Oct 23, 2017
grails-web-boot Tests compile Oct 23, 2017
grails-web-common Fix application context discovery issues Dec 12, 2018
grails-web-databinding Cleanup more deprecated code / use converters snapshot for the moment Nov 23, 2018
grails-web-fileupload Update Apache Commons FileUpload to 1.3.3 to fix CVE-2016-1000031 Mar 22, 2018
grails-web-mvc GrailsWebRequestFilter should apply to includes and forwards Dec 13, 2018
grails-web-url-mappings precedence to default package Dec 14, 2018
grails-web configureServletContextAttributes(..) was not being called Oct 17, 2018
media Grails Orange Logos Feb 28, 2018
travis debug broken python script Jul 16, 2016
.gitignore Merge branch '3.2.x' into 3.3.x Nov 21, 2017
.travis.yml Don’t use open Jdk 11 in travis Dec 5, 2018
INSTALL ignoring test temporarily, as due to infrastructure issues it is not … Jun 19, 2012 Refer to Stack Overflow or Slack Apr 26, 2016
LICENSE Cleanup license Apr 27, 2017 Remove waffle, since it is not being used Apr 27, 2017
build.gradle Add groovy macro to the bom Dec 14, 2018 Use GORM core 7.0 M1 Dec 12, 2018
gradlew Compiles successfully Oct 23, 2017
gradlew.bat Upgrade to Gradle 3.0 Aug 23, 2016
pubring.gpg.enc Travis publishing test take 2 Mar 10, 2015
secring.gpg.enc Travis publish take 3 Mar 9, 2015
settings.gradle Remove grails-validation, use testing support snapshot Nov 20, 2018
settings.xml.enc Travis publishing test take 2 Mar 10, 2015 Add openJDK 11 Dec 5, 2018

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Grails is a framework used to build web applications with the Groovy programming language. The core framework is very extensible and there are numerous plugins available that provide easy integration of add-on features.

Grails is sponsored by Object Computing Inc. in St. Louis Missouri. Please contact for support inquiries.

Getting Started

You need a Java Development Kit (JDK) installed, but it is not necessary to install Groovy because it's bundled with the Grails distribution.

To install Grails, visit and download the version you would like to use. Set a GRAILS_HOME environment variable to point to the root of the extracted download and add GRAILS_HOME/bin to your executable PATH. Then in a shell, type the following:

grails create-app sampleapp
cd sampleapp
grails run-app

To build Grails, clone this GitHub repository and execute the install Gradle target:

git clone
cd grails-core
./gradlew install

If you encounter out of memory errors when trying to run the install target, try adjusting Gradle build settings. For example:

export GRADLE_OPTS="-Xmx2G -Xms2G -XX:NewSize=512m -XX:MaxNewSize=512m -XX:MaxPermSize=1G"

Performing a Release

Releases of Grails are automated by Travis CI.

To create a release perform the following steps.

First check that the tests are passing and all is well on Travis.

Next, update the Grails version in build.gradle and grails-core/src/test/groovy/grails/util/ and then push the changes to git:

$ git add build.gradle grails-core/src/test/groovy/grails/util/
$ git commit -m "Release Grails 3.0.1"
$ git tag v3.0.1
$ git push --tags
$ git push

By tagging the release Travis will perform all the necessary steps to release a new version of Grails, just wait for the build to complete.

The Travis CI build will automatically upload the tagged release to Github and be available on the Releases page.


Grails and Groovy are licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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