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// To use findbugs you must have findbugs installed. Additionally you need a property called findbugsHome. You can define this
// in ~/.gradle/
task findbugs(dependsOn: tasks.withType(Jar).all) << {
ant {
taskdef(name: "findbugs", classname: "edu.umd.cs.findbugs.anttask.FindBugsTask", classpath: "$findbugsHome/lib/findbugs-ant.jar")
mkdir dir: "$buildDir/findbugs-report"
findbugs(home: findbugsHome, output: "xml:withMessages", outputFile: "$buildDir/findbugs-report/grails-fb.xml", jvmargs: "-Xmx768M") {
auxClasspath() {
fileset(dir: "lib") {
include(name: "*.jar")
exclude(name: "jsp-api-2.1.jar")
fileset(dir: "${['JAVA_HOME']}/lib") {
include(name: "tools.jar")
sourcePath path: file('src/java')
auxAnalyzepath() {
fileset dir: libsDir, includes: "grails-*.jar"
xslt(in: "$buildDir/findbugs-report/grails-fb.xml", out: "$buildDir/findbugs-report/grails-fb.html", style: "$findbugsHome/src/xsl/fancy.xsl")
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