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update the DataSource settings from hsqldb to h2 if possible

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commit 092ffe8d8b23d8e5e3dfa20cd633d51e4b34833f 1 parent 37d636c
Graeme Rocher authored
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  1. +6 −0 scripts/Upgrade.groovy
6 scripts/Upgrade.groovy
@@ -144,6 +144,12 @@ move it to the new location of '${basedir}/test/integration'. Please move the di
+ def dsFile = new File(baseFile, "grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy")
+ if(dsFile.exists()) {
+ replace file:dsFile, token:"jdbc:hsqldb:mem:devDB", value:"jdbc:h2:mem:devDb"
+ replace file:dsFile, token:"jdbc:hsqldb:mem:testDb",value: "jdbc:h2:mem:testDb"
+ replace file:dsFile, token:"org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver", value:"org.h2.Driver"
+ }
// if Config.groovy exists and it does not contain values for
// grails.views.default.codec or grails.views.gsp.encoding then
// add reasonable defaults for them
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