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Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Lari Hotari

    Merge branch '2.5.x'

    lhotari authored
  2. Lari Hotari

    upgrade to junit 4.12

    lhotari authored
  3. Lari Hotari
  4. Lari Hotari
  5. Lari Hotari
  6. Lari Hotari
  7. graemerocher
  8. graemerocher
  9. graemerocher
  10. graemerocher
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Jeff Scott Brown

    GRAILS-12028 - improve view rendering

    jeffbrown authored
    If a controller action returns null the view should be rendered by convention.
  2. Lari Hotari
  3. Lari Hotari

    Replace EclipseModel based classpath resolution with custom Gradle To…

    lhotari authored
    …olingModelBuilder implementation
  4. Lari Hotari

    replace project.getProperties().get(key) with

    lhotari authored
    - extensions get initialized when getProperties gets called and that causes problems
  5. Lari Hotari

    Revert " initiates extensions in Gradle and that ca…

    lhotari authored
    …uses problems"
    This reverts commit 1ca378e.
  6. Lari Hotari
  7. Lari Hotari
  8. Lari Hotari
  9. Lari Hotari
  10. Lari Hotari
  11. graemerocher

    fix compilation error

    graemerocher authored
  12. graemerocher
  13. Lari Hotari
  14. graemerocher
  15. graemerocher
  16. Lari Hotari
  17. graemerocher
  18. Lari Hotari
  19. Lari Hotari

    provided configuration has been replaced with Nebula Extra configurat…

    lhotari authored
    …ion plugin
    - that plugin makes compile configuration extend from provided so we can remove this part of the config
  20. Lari Hotari

    Revert "remove previous ast source solution and replace it by simply …

    lhotari authored
    …adding src/main/ast as a source folder in main sourceset"
    This reverts commit 6d80f74.
  21. Jeff Scott Brown
  22. graemerocher
  23. Lari Hotari
  24. Jeff Scott Brown
  25. Jeff Scott Brown
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